Antioxidants and the Benefits of Goji Berries

The benefits of goji berries are many, and like many of the new fruits and juices coming to market these days in western society they are a very rich source of antioxidants. If you’re not familiar with antioxidants, then first you should crawl out from under your rock, then second realize that the benefits of goji berries are close to that of a similar fruit that has been in the spotlight lately, the pomegranate.

The pomegranate in the bible is called a “gift from God”. Possibly the benefits of goji berries are praised somewhere similar in ancient Tibetan writings. How ever to bring the focus back to current day we aren’t focusing on the holy benefits of these fruit but rather the medical benefits. The medical information that has been gathered to date on the goji berry and antioxidants shows that they help fight of cancer cells and prevent other cellular diseases in the body. With this information it suggests that the benefits of goji berries and pomegranate help prevent cancerous tumors.

Before doctors can begin to speak in the know about the benefits of the goji berry they first need to conduct more clinical lab research. There needs to be a chain of experiments done on the goji berry as there has been done on the Pomegranate. An article published in the LA times on August 8, 2005 states that scientific researches found that the use of pomegranate juice in animals appeared to prevent prostate cancer.

Possibly next on these researchers lists are the benefits of goji berries. Until there is a detailed lab study done on the goji berry the medical community will be slow to adopt the use and suggest goji berries as viable natural treatment for ailments and cancer prevention. The clinical tests done would need to ensure that the effectiveness and safety of the berry are ok for human consumption, which is something not always done with natural supplements when compared to a regular medication.

Because of this lack of research there are numerous questions left without an answer about the benefits of goji berries. What quantity of berries is needed to ingest an adequate amount of antioxidants to be effective? Could we ingest to much, and experience an adverse effect? Could people be allergic to goji berries? There are a lot of other potential concerns versus the obvious benefits that goji berries could cause.

Until these and other questions have been answered the medical community and health professionals will probably shy away from suggesting patients using goji juice, or berries. Yet for those of us that are interested the Internet provides a wealth of information that has been studied and discovered about the benefits of goji berries. Be sure to research well, and check with your family doctor before deciding to add goji berries to your daily diet.

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