Mangosteen and Diabetes

We will often times go to extreme measures when we’re trying to stay healthy or fight of disease. Diabetes is no different if you or someone you know is living with diabetes then you know just how tough of a disease it can be to live with. What we want to question is the relationship between Mangosteen and diabetes. There have been big claims regarding the health benefits of mangosteen fruit, and mangosteen juice. How ever like most natural products it’s difficult finding scientific evidence to back up these claims.

Mangosteen comes from Easter Asia, and grows in several different areas. It’s scientific name is Garcinia mangostana and it’s known as the “Queen of fruits” possibly because if it’s unique health benefits. The mangosteen holds one of the highest levels of Xanthones (powerful antioxidant) that helps strengthen our immune system and multiple other health benefits. How ever the question stands is their a positive relationship between mangosteen and diabetes.

There are some reports online stating that Mangosteen does have a positive correlation with diabetes. That it has Anti-diabetic properties, how ever this has never actually been proven. It’s by way of researchers saying the antioxidants in the mangosteen are anti-diabetic. So does mangosteen pose any harm to patients suffering from diabetes? Likely not, of course different people react in different ways to herbal supplements. While mangosteen extract, or juice may positively effect on diabetic patient it could cause more problems in someone else.

The mangosteen and diabetes are said to reduce blood sugar levels, however it’s difficult to prove that the mangosteen is the reason for this drop.

Mangosteen is extremely high in carbs, fiber, and antioxidants. The main benefits observed from drinking or taking a mangosteen extract supplement is improved circulation and strengthened immune system. A stronger immune system in turn will help fight off illness and disease.

There have also been links to some itching and rashes to have been caused after beginning to take mangosteen so it’s important that you take note of any change in your over all health when taking mangosteen juice or a supplement

Prior to taking mangosteen it’s recommended that you consult your family doctor about any possible negative side effects there might be between mangosteen and diabetes.

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