Xanthones in Mangosteen Fruit

Are Xanthones good for you? In a word yes! Xanthones (pronounced zan-thones) are sets of polyphenolic compounds that are very powerful antioxidants. If you’re not familiar with antioxidants, then I recommend it’s time you come out from underneath your rock and look into the latest advancements in herbal and natural supplements. A key point to xanthones is that they are mainly found in the mangosteen fruit, xanthones and mangosteen are actually the topic of much discussion lately as the powers of mangosteen juice come into the mainstream.

Xanthones: A Miracle Antioxidant?

Along with many other things antioxidants are said to slow the aging process of the cells in our bodies. Xanthones and mangosteen fruit appear to be one of the better types of antioxidants that can be found. The xanthones in mangosteen are very effective in treating a variety of ailments and prevention of others according to natural medicine. Even recently there have been studies conducted to suggest that there is medical proof Xanthones process numerous benefits to the human body.

For centuries in Southeast Asia (home of the mangosteen) the fruit has been used to cure and treat a wide array of illnesses and diseases. The fruit has been shown to exhibit anti fungal and antibacterial properties, and also appear to strengthen the immune system. This could potentially be very great news for those suffering from immune conditions such as HIV.

Besides increasing the strength of our immune system Xanthones in mangosteens appear to increase blood flow and circulation by helping dilate blood vessels allowing an increased amount of blood to flow through. Increased blood flow in turn has numerous benefits especially to people suffering with poor circulation from diseases like diabetes.

Xanthones from mangosteen fruit have been credited with a lot of other health benefits. Those who either take a mangosteen supplement or drink mangosteen juice claim that it aids in the cure of fatigue, depression, eczema, gum disease, pain, and even obesity. More serious medical issues such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and glaucoma mangosteen is said to slow the progression of theses illnesses down, as well as particular types of cancer cells.

A lot of the research being done on xanthones in mangosteen appear to be very promising. If only the fact that it’s said to have anti-viral properties it makes it a wonderful alternative to treating viruses, something for which there really isn’t many options.

Only time will tell if xanothones in mangosteen fruit turn out to be a cure all super alternative supplement. Of course proving some how that mangosteen and xanthones are able to cure cancer or some other extreme medical solution will take years to prove or disprove. How ever in the short run we can be assured that is has helped many a person who has taken it for a variety of ailments, and helped those of us that aren’t suffering from any serious medical disorders feel better. There will be skeptics about xanthones, and mangosteen juice the only way to know for yourself is to give it a try.

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