Cucumber and the benefit for health

I am sure you would have been well acquainted with the fruit of this one. Yes, this is Cucumber. It commonly used as a vegetable or food supplement. The benefits of cucumber fruit are as substance for health, beauty products, and even can also be used to repel pests in the home.

Cucumber is a family-owned vegetable gourd, Cucurbitaceae. They grow on a vine creeping up on top of a trellis or other support frame. The leaves of the plants form a canopy over the fruit. Cucumber rough cylinder, elongated, with tapered ends, and may be greater 60 cm wide and 10 cm diameter.

Cucumbers can also be eaten fresh as an additive or a pickle. While the form of raw green vegetables are suitable for processed food, ripe yellow form is too bitter and sour. Cucumbers are usually contain more than 90% water.

Because they have covered seeds and growing of flowers, cucumbers are classified as fruits. However, like the sour taste of tomato cucumber contributed to their being eaten and prepared as a vegetable.

In addition to be eaten raw and cooked, pickled cucumbers also made candied or pickled to taste. Used for pickling cucumbers tend to be shorter, thicker, and has a bumpy skin with tiny spines dotted white or black.

Cucumber Nutrition

• Cucumbers are rich in vitamins such as vitamin A, B1, B2, and vitamin C.
• The content of the other nutrients are carbohydrates, protein, fat, and calories (energy).
• Other substances contained in them are minerals, such as phosphorus, iron, calcium, magnesium and potassium.
• Cucumber Fruit also contains fiber and malonic acids are very good for the body.

Benefits of Cucumber Fruit

High nutritional value of cucumber salad and juice make ideal food choices for weight loss. Other than that cucumber is also a great digestive aid system and helps cleanse the colon effectively. Other health and nutrition benefits of cucumber include:

  •   Cucumber was largely one of the fruits that contain abundant water. Eating fruit is very good for launch urination
  •    The water content in cucumbers also very good for cleaning the nasty bacteria in the body. In addition it is capable of removing toxins that interfere with the body’s health.
  •   Cucumber seeds in a slimy proved to have toxic alkaloids. Do not misunderstand me first when I heard the word poison, because it turns out these toxins can be used to cure worms in young children.
  •    If the blood pressure goes up, eat a cucumber! These suggestions are very often we hear, and this is indeed true. The content of potassium, phosphorus and magnesium are fairly high in cucumber it can reduce hypertension
  •   Benefits of cucumber else was able to shed the uric acid in the joints and release the crystals that form in the kidneys (causing kidney stones).

For those of you who are on a diet, cucumber is very good to eat. Cucumber is very low in calories and has a very good fiber to maintain your weight.
In addition, malonic acid in cucumbers can be useful to prevent blood sugar turns into fat, which can lead to fat is certainly overweight.
Benefits of cucumber fruit is to treat swelling of the skin, such as insect bites or bee stings. You live cut cucumber, crushed and rubbed on the skin to swell.
Another way is more effective if you want to cure a bee sting, crush cucumber in a blender. After that, apply / soak the affected body part and let the sting around one hour to swelling, pain and itching caused by these bees can be eased.
You would never eat fruit cucumber which has a bitter taste. Do not misunderstand me that it was not good bitter cucumber. Instead, a bitter taste due to substance saponin proved very useful to prevent cancer, enhance immunity and lowers bad cholesterol.
In addition to physical health, very good cucumber to mask useful for rejuvenating the skin so that it looks fresh, not easily wrinkled and dry as always moisture.

  •     Cucumber benefits are not limited to the health of the body and the skin, but can also be used as a pest repellent (eg cockroaches and ants).

The trick, cucumber juice to taste, but do not remove the skin soaked for about an hour in the juice that has been made. Lift and dry in the oven at high temperature (around 200 degrees C). After that destroy the skin is dry it with a mixture of bay leaves.
When applied to the skin, raw cucumber can help reduce heat and inflammation.
Because it is a diuretic and is known for its cooling properties, cucumber is a good cleanser for the skin.
The nutritional value of cucumber juice helps control eczema, arthritis and gout, and can provide relief from heartburn gastritis and ulcers.
For eye swelling, place a piece of cucumber on their help in relieving pain and reducing swelling.
Cucumber is beneficial for people suffering from lung problems and chest as well.
Potassium helps regulate blood pressure, high and low.
Erepsin, an enzyme found in cucumber helps in the digestion of proteins.
Cucumber juice added to carrot juice and lettuce to promote hair growth.
Mixed with carrot juice, cucumber juice said to be good for controlling excess uric acid in the body.
It is also found to be useful for those who suffer from tooth and gum disease, especially in cases of pyorrhea.
High mineral content helps prevent nail splitting.
Diseases associated with kidney, liver tract, bladder and pancreas are known to be cured by regular intake of cucumber.
Consumption of cucumber or cucumber juice is beneficial for those suffering from diabetes.

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