Tibetan Goji Berries – Are They an Elixir of Youth and Good Health

It’s odd when we think about it that such a small red fruit can cause such an uproar in research and interest in the global market place. The goji berry is doing just that. With the word going around that consuming a very small amount of the fruit every day can extend your life span, and increase your overall health can you be surprised that there is so much buzz. Here the just a few of the facts on the Tibetan goji berry.

What are exactly are these Goji Berries?

As per the name Tibetan Goji Berries come from a green plant found mainly in China, Mongolia, and Tibet. The plant belongs to the Solonaceae family, and it’s this plant that supplies us with the berries.

There are two ways that the Tibetan goji berry is brought to market.

a.) as dried berries
b.) a goji berry juice

Each format is very beneficial to our bodies, and there isn’t any proof that either form is better then the other. Other ways to consume goji berries are through soups, teas, and liquid extracts that can also be found as supplements. The main ingredients in Tibetan goji berries are carotenoids, zeaxanthin, and beta-carotene (making for some of the best antioxidants available naturally in nature.)

Some confusion is made in the natural food sector about the wolfberry and the goji berry. While they are very similar, the names are often interchanged between goji or wolfberry. On a closer inspection you’ll notice that the goji berry has a much sweeter taste while the wolfberry is quite bitter. Both have similar properties for our health, how ever they aren’t the same fruit.

Besides the fact that the Tibetan goji berry is said to extend our longevity of living, zeaxanthin which is the most active substance in Tibetan goji berries has been said to possess characteristics and prevent age related macular degeneration.

What do the Research Studies Say?

Research that has been done on the Tibetan goji berry has discovered that the berry does indeed reduce cancer cell reproduction, therefore slowing the progression or spread of cancer. Also appears to help reduce blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

If you’re on any anti-coagulant drugs you should be careful when taking a goji berry supplement or juice as it can interfere. Be sure to always check with your doctor before experimenting with any new herbal or natural juice or supplement. Avoiding any adverse reactions is better then finding them out on your own.

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